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Free Breastfeeding Class by Dr. Allison Stiles

This is a free class by Dr. Allison Stiles, Pediatrician and Chair of the Shelby County Breastfeeding Coalition. This awesome and intimate class covers everything from the benefits of breastfeeding to pumping.   We talk about what to do when your baby is born and what to expect.  We learn how to know that the baby is getting enough milk.  We talk about problem solving for pain, flat nipples, low milk supply, engorgement, tongue tie, lip tie, and going back to work.  We discuss the laws in TN that protect your rights to breastfeed and pump at work.  We can talk about whatever you would like!


There is no advanced registration required.  Partners, family members, and friends are welcome to attend with you to learn how to better support you as a breastfeeding mother. 


Lactivists, supporters, please join us too and provide words of wisdom.


 We can even do some "lactation "consultation" after the class, if there are questions or issues.  

Classes are Every third Saturday of each month at 10am CST

and last 1.5-2 hours.


Currently classes are Virtual! 


See Facebook Event for the ZOOM Link


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