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Community Outreach is a huge part of the work that the Shelby County Breastfeeding Coalition does. We work with families, health care professionals and the community to protect, promote and support breastfeeding. We do a lot of this through going to different community based events and activities and offering educational information and support for breastfeeding mothers.

Baby Rest Stop is a community outreach project created by the Shelby County Breastfeeding Coalition to provide parents with a shady spot to change diapers and feed children at area festivals.

Most outdoor event restrooms are less than ideal for changing and feeding young children. Baby Rest Stop offers parents a clean, shaded area where they may perform these necessary tasks. Baby Rest Stop is a free diaper changing station and feeding area with a comfortable and restful atmosphere staffed by volunteers from the Shelby County Breastfeeding Coalition.

The Shelby County Breastfeeding Coalition has a vendor table that they set up at local health and baby fairs and expos around the area. The table has information on the importance of breastfeeding, how to get help if you are having any difficulties, the laws that protect breastfeeding mothers in Tennessee, plus information regarding pumping and pumping in the workplace. We have handouts, brochures and cards for mothers to take home to keep handy for when they need help.

Every month the Shelby County Breastfeeding Coalition has an open meeting where you can come and find out about upcoming community projects and ways that we are working to help improve breastfeeding rates for the area. It is a great way to come and find out about ways that you can help give back to the community and to help other mothers. 

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