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What is Latch On Memphis?

Latch On Memphis is an event that brings our community together to support and encourage breastfeeding. Moms from all over Memphis and the Mid-South gather together to break a record for Most Moms Feeding Breastmilk Simultaneously.

The first week in August is World Breastfeeding Week and what better way to celebrate than to throw a big party for the moms who are making it happen for their children every day! The latch part of the event happens at exactly 11:30 am and babies must stay latched for one minute to be counted in the total. We invite all moms who feed breastmilk so we can include those who exclusively pump or have to feed pumped milk in other ways. We recognize that nursing and pumping are not always easy tasks and want to include as many breastfeeding moms as we can in the celebration.

The party doesn't stop after the latch on record attempt! We have vendors set up tables for participants to visit. You can shop, watch product demonstrations and learn about a variety of services right here in our hometown. We will also have a raffle full of fabulous prizes, tickets are $2 each! 

Memphis and Shelby County have one of the highest rates of infant mortality and obesity, but also one of the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the country. Many people do not realize that breastfeeding can help! Breastfeeding gives babies the best nutrition possible, defends against childhood and adult disease, aids brain development and strengthens emotional bonds. Breastfeeding does have its challenges and if a mother does not have support in place, she may not continue breastfeeding as long as is recommended. New mothers need to talk to those around them including family, friends and doctors to let them know that they intend to breastfeed and will need help along the way. And that is what Latch On Memphis is all about; bringing together the health professionals, lactation educators, moms, and their support teams to strengthen these bonds and continue to open the lines of communication about why breastfeeding is best for babies. 
If you are interested in volunteering during the event, please send an email to We need witnesses to count latches, volunteers to sell t-shirts and raffle tickets, and general help setting and cleaning up. 

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